Erasmus + Project

Help B.O.B Adopt Turtles

Last year the EkoSkola team launched the B.O.B. Campaign. B.O.B. stands for “Bring Own Bag”. This year we thought about relaunching this campaign once again. Through such events and campaigns, students in our school and the community, are becoming more aware of the importance of minimising the use of single use plastic, especially plastic shopping bags, by using reusable cloth bags.

The EkoSkola team, with the help of Ms. Jessica Zahra, Ms. Catherine Mercieca, Ms. Ruth Bezzina and Ms. Dorianne Rotin, encouraged students to donate 1 euro each and collect their own reusable cloth bag. The students participating in the competition could decorate their bag and enter in the School Houses’ competition. The donations collected will help in adopting injured sea-turtles which are taken care of by Nature Trust Malta.


Clean-Up Activity

This beach clean-up event was held on Monday the 21st of January. A total of fourteen student from St. Theresa Middle School, Birkirkara participated in this clean-up activity. This event was organised by the EkoSkola team at the same school, under the guidance of Ms. Ann Marie Vassallo and Ms. Jessica Zahra. Both Ms. Vassallo and Ms. Zahra attended a training programme sponsored by Erasmus+ on raising awareness on plastic pollution and its impact on the marine environment.

Golden Bay in the locality of Mellieħa, is part of a Natura 2000 site and is also part of the Majjistral Park. Permits for the clean-up were granted by the Majjistral Park and one of its members was also present during the activity to explain the importance of this nature reserve and the human impacts on this beach. Golden Bay is one of the few beaches in Malta were sand dunes, are present. The students could appreciate and recognise the importance of maintaining such beaches in pristine conditions.

All students were asked to bring their own reusable kitchen gloves for this clean up and pickers were also provided. Collected waste was divided into recyclables and other non-recyclables. One could observe a large amount of plastic and glass bottles which were collected from trees and bushes which are found at the back of this beach. Other waste collected included cigarette buds, ropes, fishing gear, kitchen ware, plastic cups, amongst others. The students also noticed a large amount of nurdles on the beach. Although this clean-up was not focused on the collection of micro-plastics, they showed interest in getting to know their impact on marine life .

The students showed a lot of motivation and asked for this activity to be organised on regular bases. They were really keen to help in this event as they felt that they were making a huge difference in keeping this popular beach clean. It was a huge success, evident by the amount of waste collected by these small group of students.


Proper Waste Management in School

Proper waste management is a must not only at home, but also within the school and our workplace. The EkoSkola team felt they need to raise awareness within our school on the importance of properly managing our waste. This was also part of the Erasmus + projects focusing on reducing plastic pollution and raising awareness on the impacts of plastic within the marine environment.

I order to properly separate waste, more separation bins were installed within our school, separating waste into: mixed recyclables, organic waste and black bin.

Mr. Curmi, from WasteServ Malta, was invited to give a talk about the importance of waste management, especially promoting the reduction of waste, giving out tips on how one can reduce waste within our school. Students are being encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles and lunch boxes in order to reduce single-use plastics.